Helping your organization get the word out

Many nonprofits, associations, and businesses have more publications on their plates than staff to handle them. I help these organizations by creating content that promotes their services and educates their audiences, including:

  • Websites: I can start from scratch or work with your existing content to freshen up or totally revamp your online presence.
  • Newsletters: I’ll write useful, engaging articles on a timely schedule to help you stay in front of your audience in email or print.
  • Articles: I’ll guide you through everything from topic development to subject interviews and final copy.
  • Blog posts: I’ll work with you to brainstorm ideas and transform them into blog posts that get your audience’s attention.
  • SEO (search engine optimization): I can research just the right keywords and create copy that’s written for humans, to bring your audience to you.
  • Brochures: I’ll talk about your organization and its products or services and persuade your audience to respond.
  • White papers: I can create persuasive information to help your audience understand an issue, overcome a problem, or do their work better.

I specialize in writing and editing to help your organization get the word out. Working together with your team, I can help you craft just the right message to tell your audience all about you:

  • What you do
  • What you offer
  • What makes you different from all the rest

On-time, on-message, under budget

You need effective, compelling publications and web content that get your audience to respond. My writing talents, my SEO skills, and especially my true knack for editing help you solve the challenges of getting your work published on time, under budget, and on message.

Add me to your team either virtually or in person for a day, a week, a month, or longer—whatever it takes to get the job done. Let’s talk about how I can help.


Writing for the web
All levels of editing
Developing SEO keyword-rich online copy
Quality assurance, research, and fact-checking
Localizing content for international audiences

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